Labour stalwart wins by-election!!

Ho Ho Ho.  Labour bitten badly by one of their own.

George strikes again. The weird thing is that Labour couldn’t see it coming. The Knife has a lot of time for the vain, egotistical, anti-Israel, pro-mad muslim, self-regarding, womanising Mr Galloway.

Not because of the above qualities, though he is certainly capable of great charm too, and not because of his widely lauded appearance before senate in the USA. That was popular because of the cheap thrill it gave to trendy anti-Americanism, but it was hardly George’s finest hour. He’s always been eloquent and bold. The Knife praised George more than two years ago, for his remarkably accurate predictions before the Iraq disaster. He also reliably adds to the gaiety of the nation. Strictly heterosexually of course.

Anyway, it will be a pleasure to see Dundee’s finest back in the Commons, brazenly sucking up to some of the most militant and nasty muslims in Britain and abroad, as well as the nicer ones. As Brendan O’Neill points out, talk of a new resurgence of the hard left is rubbish, but George has certainly seized his chance:

Galloway is merely a beneficiary of the decay of politics as we knew it, which means that, far from representing a surge in radical Left-wing sentiment, his victory isn’t that different to when a member of the BNP wins a seat on a local council or some UKIP suit gets sent to Brussels. In all these cases, the vote tends to be less a positive endorsement of any clear-eyed political agenda than simply a “screw you” to the three big parties which once claimed to represent the political spectrum. Indeed, Galloway’s victory points to the further denigration of radical Left-wing politics rather than its meaningful revival. It shows how far the radical Left has been “Islamicised”, where, having utterly abandoned the allegedly feckless and thick working classes, the radical Left has become increasingly reliant upon alienated Muslim communities for support…

…probably the most worrying thing about Galloway’s victory is that it confirms the further splintering of Britain into “identities”, where people no longer conceive of themselves as belonging to a class or a political set but rather to a fixed, culturally determined “identity”. Muslims vote one way, the white working classes vote another, and so on. What is remotely positive about the demise of an old politics that was at least based on the idea of shared interests and its replacement by a new politics based on shared cultural characteristics? In going for “the Muslim vote”, just as Livingstone recently did in a speech at North London Central Mosque, Galloway actually further exposed the dearth of principle on the modern Left.

Where once the Left saw it as its mission to unite people who had more in common than they thought they did (remember “workers of the world unite”?), now it happily feeds off community disintegration and even segregation for short-term political gain. If it helps to get them into power, it seems radical Leftists don’t have a problem with the political ghettoisation of certain communities in Britain, or with the further tearing-apart of man from fellow man that is at the heart of identity politics.

Overall though, a good day for democracy. And silly Taliban-lite beards.

** Interesting view from Melanie McDonagh


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