Knifonomics (part 18): Taxing…

Hmm. According to Politics Home:

David Cameron is coming under pressure to reveal whether he personally benefited from the 50p tax cut.

George Osborne told TV and radio stations that he was not a £150,000 a year top rate tax payer. But his remarks put pressure on the Mr Cameron to make a similar statement.

The Prime Minister’s spokesman said that taxpayer confidentiality rules prevented him from revealing Mr Cameron’s individual tax affairs without his permission. The row came as Ed Balls and Mr Osborne clashed again over the Budget as reaction to the Chancellor’s raft of measures continued.

Well, The Knife is not at all ashamed to say that he creeps into the category of “benefiting” from the reduction in the 50% rate. Or keeping slightly more than half of that bit of his salary, to put it into perspective. I would imagine that the Prime Minister will benefit, as will his two very wealthy “socialist” predecessors (one of whom is an expert tax avoider),  as might  Ed Miliband, as might others.

In fact, I would suggest that, in their heart of hearts, there is not a single taxpayer in the UK who would disagree with the notion that giving more than half of what you earn to the government (to spend on a lot of good things and a lot of ridiculous “shite”) is intrinsically unfair. That’s why hypocrites like the dreaded Bonio and Ken Livingstone spend so much energy on avoiding paying tax.  I, on the other hand, like my peers and colleagues, even though we can naturally empathise with such icons,  actually do cough up.

Just wait till the long overdue tax transparency really kicks in. We’ll all be tax cutters then, even if we don’t admit it in public.

It's amazing what a PM's income can stretch to..

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