A period of silence would be welcome (2)

One of the internet’s most frequently employed cliche is a good one: hubris followed by nemesis. Indeed I noticed  today that a fellow blogger, Bob Wallace, gave the following nice summary:

The Greeks called it Hubris, the god of arrogance, lack of restraint, insolence and wanton violence, followed by Nemesis, the goddess of fate and revenge. The Hebrews wrote, “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.” Later, grandiose pride became the worst of the Seven Deadly Sins, because it is the basis of all the rest.

Which brings me back to “gay marriage”, the simplest solution to which might be just to rename it. “Gayage” perhaps. Here, in a very fine example of hubris, is an old friend:

Blair takes on the Pope by backing gay marriage

 The ex-PM, a Catholic convert who introduced same-sex civil unions, intervenes over issue that has split the church

As reported in the Independent. Our Tony, as a recentish convert, might well have thought this, but possibly would have respected the structure and intellectual tradition of the church which had accepted his enthusiastic overtures. It would have only been polite, and dare I say it, humble. However, as always with Blair, hubris stepped in.

I just wonder what nemesis will be.

Y'see JP - is it OK to call you that - this is the 21st century for Godsake...etc..etc..etc...

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