Nicola’s big fat lie

Here’s some grade A drivel:

“There will be no privatisation of the National Health Service” in an independent Scotland.

Ms Sturgeon said: “Unlike its counterpart in England, the NHS in Scotland will remain a public service, paid for by the public and accountable to the public. I say it because I believe that our NHS can and will outperform the privatised experiment south of the Border.”

Yes, of course Nicola, that would never do, would it?

Well, The Knife’s Scottish sources can tell you that in the Sovietised Scottish NHS, funded by the amazing expanding Barnett formula, in order to meet Ms Sturgeon’s stupid and arbitrary waiting times targets, the Scottish private hospitals are bursting at the seams with NHS patients, paid for by the taxpayer. It’s hardly a secret either, bearing in mind several thousand patients are in the know.

Utterly, utterly pathetic.


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