Labour: you calling me a poof?

Last October The Knife pointed out that a longstanding Labour tradition, along with trade union sponsorship, wrecking the economy and pigeon racing, was homophobia. I meant it then and for further proof, see Ken Livingstone’s latest attempt at some free publicity, neatly summarised in the Coffee House.

The most exquisite part of all this is the hypocrisy. Noted libertine Ken clearly has a “problem” with the actuality of homosexuality – as probably do many people, rightly or wrongly. The trouble is he also regards the “pink vote” as being Labour property when it comes to election time, in a typically  patronising way.

There’s nothing new in Labour claiming to be all for gay equality, without actually meaning it. When visiting Edinburgh a number of years ago, The Knife happened to encounter a stereotypical gay rights march coming along Princes Street, holding up the traffic and so on. Amidst the usual drag artist nuns, men in thongs, skinny Green activists etc was another “ladies man“, the now-out-of-jail Tommy Sheridan, hard left superstar, as he was then.

It was a delight to witness the attempt at a smile on Tommy’s face as he marched along, demonstrating “solidarity” in the midst of various capering transvestites playing drums. Not his scene at all, was the overriding impression. Although to be fair to Tommy, as far as I know his mates haven’t yet called for gays to be executed.


Ken, and friend

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