In other news (Libyan edition)…

….Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi is still alive.

The Knife has often posted on this, for example here and here. In part because as any reader of the blog can soon tell, I’m not exactly fond of Alex Salmond or Labour, who cooked up this mess between them.

The main reason though is the intellectual and moral offensiveness of the blatant con trick performed on the public by paid-for doctors and politicians, who alleged that Megrahi was about to die. As anyone who has actually treated prostate cancer can tell you, this was always “unreliable” if you’re inclined to be charitable, but  was basically a deeply sordid fix.

Not a fix without victims though, given the extremely negative impression foisted on the voters about this common disease. The whole sorry farrago will undoubtedly have given many cancer sufferers and their families some miserable moments, given what by any standard is often a very treatable condition.

It’s now two and a half years since Megrahi got out, and fourteen months since he “slipped into a coma”.

Meanwhile, the Lockerbie victims actually are dead.

The Tripoli International Conference on Prostate Cancer

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