Racism: no room for complacency

The Knife is indebted to the Spectator for their excellent interview with Tea Party activist, Kevin Jackson:

‘Voting for Obama in the normal sense is not racist,’ says Jackson, who is speaking to me via Skype from his home in St Louis, Missouri. ‘The problem is the majority of the people who did vote for Obama were voting for him on one condition and that condition is he’s black and that is racism. My issues with Obama are that if you take colour off Obama’s resumé

Kevin Jackson: telling it straight

and look at his ability to run the country, there is no way he would have been elected. If Barack Obama were anything other than half black, if he were half Chinese or half Irish, there is no way on God’s earth that he would have got elected. He got elected based on colour and that is ridiculous.’

Most politicians would call it a day there, but Jackson is just getting started. ‘We act as if the dude is an idiot savant. He’s going to spend $6.2 trillion, more money than the US has ever spent, and people don’t want to argue with him? Why? Because he’s black. If he was purple we would be discussing how he’s doubling public spending.’

Yikes Kevin, are you sure you can say this stuff?

Well actually, he can, because he is also black. And Kevin, what’s your final word on Obama?

‘You can have him. He’s as useless as a screen door on a submarine.’

Ouch. And he’s not too keen on our Dave either.

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