King Eck

The Knife may have missed this, but given Alex Salmond’s colossal ego, it would seem a fair bet that like his old pal Fred Goodwin, he would be up for an honour or two when a grateful nation finally allows him to step down from his perch.

Trouble is, who’s going to give it to him?

I thought such honours were generally awarded by the head of state, or the Queen, as she’s known. I’m not entirely clear where Eck stands on this issue, though past pronouncements have been bizarre.  The Order of the Thistle was the prerogative of the Scottish monarch in the old days, and it seems clear that in the manner of Vladimir Putin, Eck would only see one candidate for this role, himself, as successor to his role model, Idi Amin.

Unless, I suppose, if Sean Connery can be arsed to actually live in Scotland. He might do it. Or possibly the bloke who founded Sports Division.

Who IS this awful man shouting at me?

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