Geek update (Miliband edition)!!

A recent post here explained why The Knife thinks that the putative saviour of the Labour Party, “Mili-D” is, in fact, an overrated, overhyped twerp, to put it mildly. Not the least reason was a complete absence of courage.

Now we have a choreographed and already overhyped New Statesman “attack” by Mili-D on Mili-E, except that characteristically the former doesn’t admit that it is.

Witty Mili-E antagonists such as Dan Hodges are beside themselves with excitement.

Turgid New Labour prose abounds:

“to get our message across we must be more humble about our shortcomings, but more compelling about our achievements.”

He’s already lost half the electorate with that line. Which achievements? Wrecking a booming economy, the Iraq war, foisting the unelected Gordon Brown on us etc etc. Perhaps he was referring to the all important first term priority of banning fox hunting.

“First, that we fully understand in a deep way why the electorate voted against us in 2010. Second, that we clarify the kind of future we seek for Britain, and the means to achieve it, in a way that speaks to the demands of the time.”

Ho hum. The thing is, the first condition will never be truly met, given Labour’s intrinsic aversion to understanding real people – as opposed to metropolitan cliques – and their deeply sincere love of bossing them around. The Knife stands by his assessment of Mili-D.

Is this really the best they can do?

Ondansetron time (medical reference).


** Pleasingly, the sharp edge of Matthew Norman’s pen has a go at Mili-D here, along the same lines


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