NHS fail – the Guardian strikes again.

It seems to be a bad end of a bad year for the Guardian. I don’t really know why I continue to read it.

Anyway, here is their latest hack job on medical matters:

NHS cuts have affected

patient care say four

out of five doctors

Exclusive poll backs up consultants’ protests over bed closures and longer waiting times for surgery


..speaks for itself

Well, The Knife actually is an NHS consultant, with beds and a waiting list. No-one has asked me my views in a poll – ever.  None of my colleagues go on about this either. Reading further, it seems this “poll” was actually a self-selected group of moaners on Doctors.net.uk, described as:

a professional networking site to which almost all British doctors belong

er…wrong again.

Toby Young at the Telegraph blogs neatly points out the factual inaccuracy. Beyond that though, every sentient doctor that I know (which I realise may exclude a few specialties) could, and would, cut chunks out of the NHS budget very easily. We know that however much we love it and like working for it, it is still an inefficient slow behemoth, with more hangers on (in non-clinical roles) than Snoop Dogg in a nightclub.

We’re just waiting to be asked.


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