The Concubine: part 8

There is a lot of talk in the press about the Gaddafis and New Labour, particularly the egregious Mandelson. Take Fraser Nelson’s interview with the Lord:

Peter Mandelson:I’m trying not to be disingenuous or hysterical, I mean I did go to dinner with Jacob and Serena [Rothschild] and they did invite other people and Mr Gaddafi did appear at the pudding and I did sit him down and talk to him about something.

Fraser Nelson: So how do you regard him?

PM: I don’t regard him as an alright chap or a bad chap, I mean how can you judge?

FN: I thought you knew him a little?

PM: [sarcastically] Oh yes, I know him really well. I mean how do you know what he’s like? I don’t know, I’ve met the chap three times, once in a formal meeting, once briefly in Corfu – because again I arrived at 11 o’clock at night and he left at half past eight the next morning – and then briefly, the other night, two weeks ago

Or any of the Daily Mail pieces on the topic, understandably gleeful at the prospect of nailing Blair et al., when Saif blabs about his many “links” with the party.

While The Knife entirely agrees with these sentiments, there is a problem: he may be up against the wall, metaphorically and possibly soon, literally, but there are still a few people with whom you wouldn’t want to be publicly associated.

Mugabe? OK.

Chavez? Fine.

Hordes of paid for escorts? Fine too.

But Mandelson…. really, there are limits.

The penalty for consorting with Mandelson is death!

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