It's all over lads...

Given that The Knife is 75% Irish (Clare, Mayo etc), it seems appropriate to bewail the lot of my ancestors’ countrymen, now ruled by a gruesome combination of a racist  third rate Irish version of Nick Clegg, known as Enda Kenny, and the Germans. If you believe the rumours though, the South has always had a modest affinity with the latter.

They really have screwed up badly. The dismal Kenny has gratuitously insulted the Catholic church – twice. He’s only been in office for 6 months. Perhaps he’s never heard the aphorism normally attributed to Harold Macmillan.

It’s now abundantly clear that the Taoiseach and his mates have no balls and will do whatever keeps the Euromachine happy – take this glaring example of screwing the taxpayer. Everything will now be run past the German government, starting with the forthcoming Irish budget plans. I quote from the Guardian article:

The reality is that Ireland ceded control over its own finances when it was forced to tap the bailout funds late last year. “When the troika of the IMF, ECB and EU rode into town on those dark and dismal days last November there was much talk of the loss of sovereignty. For many something wrested from the British less than a century ago had been squandered due to the chronic mishandling of a banking crisis that was in turn caused by the reckless investment in property development.

It is perhaps only now that the reality is sinking in of just what that actually means. No move by the Irish government is made without the approval of its new troika paymasters and every three months a team of officials comes to Dublin to look over the books.”

So, our friends across the sea are in a very bad way indeed. You could almost wish that Charlie Haughey was back. Almost.

To be honest it was very nice of George Osborne to attempt to prop them up, solidarity etc, but they’re buggered.

So, the Irish traditionally resent the English, which is a shame for those of us with mixed ancestry, but they now have some new top quality enemies in the unelected Eurozone. Perhaps they should rewrite the words of their tuneful moaners’ anthem, The Fields of Athenry. To sign off, The Knife recommends these two versions from YouTube.



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