Feckless, lazy Greek….democrats.

Various bloggers are overtly enjoying the “bombshell” that is Papandreou’s decision to actually ask the Greek people what they want to happen to them. So is The Knife. The real gift that keeps on giving though, is the BBC. This evening’s PM on Radio 4 had numerous sidesplitters from the likes of Paul Mason, their eeh-ba-gum Economics man. He breathlesssly informed us (from Cannes) that Eurocrats were literally walking up to him and asking if he knew why the ungrateful retsina-swilling idle goatherds were doing this, because none of them could get their heads round it. The ingratitude.

In its richly enjoyable way, this is turning out to be an ideal denouement to the endless series of fake rescues and colossal disregard by the elected, the soon to be unelected (Sarkozy) and the entirely unelected for the wasting of our money on the cosmic joke that is the Eurozone and the attempts at political union.

The ideal sequence is:

1. Papandreou just wins this week’s vote of confidence

2. The Chinese pull the plug on their highly condition-laden funding of Euro bailouts (ie. they own Tibet, they’re not a dictatorship, child labour and human rights abuses are OK etc etc etc)

3. The  Greeks have their referendum soonish. Despite the BBC’s claims, spot questioning of Athens yuppies clutching their iPads does not necessarily reflect the views of the poor Greek on his rural agroktima. Greeks probably have long memories.

4. They vote against the bailout conditions and leave the Euro

5. Greece rapidly becomes a stable but relatively poor holiday destination again

6. Dave grows some balls and starts telling Cleggy to shut up, and begins the (inevitable) refashioning of the UK relationship with the EU

I’m not saying that this will be easy, there will be hardship, God knows what will happen to Italy, but all these downsides are with us with the  bailout “plan” anyway.

The most poignant and hilarious image is that of Sarkozy, who is dining tonight with Hu Jintao, China’s current top dictator, and asking him if he minds awfully holding on a bit, before he pulls the plug on the cash.


Now listen to us, you ungrateful Greek bastard....

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