Labour’s new policy: gay bashing

Labour's new poster needed a bit of work...

I don’t know if Liam Fox has a homosexual past – or present.  Funnily enough, I do know people who will confirm that he has heterosexual tendencies. Whatever.

The current furore though is a get Fox campaign kicked off by Labour – Jim Murphy in pious mode, the angry John Mann and somebody called Kevan Jones all figure prominently.

Even Murphy, though, hasn’t demanded that Fox quits. There appears to be no actual dodgy dealing of any significance, it’s all rather personal. It seems to The Knife that Labour are relying on a subterranean streak of public homophobia, that no doubt courses through the Labour Party, along with varying degrees of racism and sexism, despite what the comrades will say.

Whether the public will care, I doubt. I mean, homosexual MP’s, whatever next?

Oddly enough, there is another major politician who was rumoured to be “in the closet”, to the point that his ex-flatmate (sound familiar?),   Peter Mandelson,   declared that he was gay.  Gordon Brown – for it was he – was the second worst prime minister in this country’s history, not because he was (allegedly) gay, but because he was a pathological personality obsessed with personal power.  Fox is an OK Defence Secretary.

The Tories never made anything of Gordon’s proclivities, quite rightly (for an example of what might have surfaced,  see Coffee House comment by Austin Barry, here).

Labour are really just prurient homophobic hypocrites, who are desperate for a scalp.



NB: A few days after this post, Peter Hitchens makes exactly the same point in the Mail on Sunday. I don’t always agree with Hitchens, but this deserves a national airing.


One thought on “Labour’s new policy: gay bashing

  1. “Always a leading light in the political scene; Liam Fox was in early 1982 both an Ordinary Council Member in the SRC and a leading member of the Tory Club – all was calm and quiet. However, in spring, division seized the campus. The GUU refused to allow the Gay Society to affiliate with them and Liam Fox prepared to launch into the debate. Before Fox could make his stand, the then President of the GUU, Vince Gallagher, made this statement: “We just do not want poofs in our union; I wish they would just bugger off and give us peace.” Universities up and down the country were shocked and other Unions began a scramble to distance themselves from the infamous Down-The-Hill-Boys-Club. Dr Fox was ready. The SRC passed a motion condemning the GUU’s decision and its ‘bigoted explanation,’ and the right honourable Liam Fox stood up as the motion was overwhelmingly passed and declared that the SRC’s decision was: ‘unacceptable.’ He then resigned from the council.

    He later clarified to the Glasgow Guardian of the time that “The SRC is totally unrepresentative and speaks only for minorities. I feel they are becoming a tool for the QM… I am actually quite liberal when it comes to sexual matters. I just don’t want the gays flaunting it in my face, which is what they would do.” The issue was rounded up by Fox’s Ally in the SRC, A. M. Russell who wrote a thought-provoking response piece a few weeks later for the Glasgow Guardian entitled “Homosexuals free to ponce about at QM.” One can only assume that Liam Fox had a radical change of heart before becoming a cabinet minister, and no longer strongly supports apartheid. There are almost certainly other reasons why he was reportedly part of the Gang of Three that turned the party whip and forced Conservatives to vote against gay adoption and why he voted against lowering the homosexual age of consent to 16. One can also assume that he has never publicly apologised or recanted his views because he has been busy with other things.”

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