Woman of the year

Elena at the EU

This I like. Elena Bonner  died in June, at the ripe old age of 88. She was the doctor wife of  the renowned soviet era dissident, Andrei Sakharov, and she didn’t take any crap, amusingly describing modern Russia as a “shitocracy”, and putting the boot into Cuba.

Here, quoted in the BMJ obituary, is a quote that it must have hurt them to print:

“I believe the Western establishment has betrayed the ideology of protecting human rights . . . Perhaps it’s just human nature: the higher a person gets, the worse he becomes. . . . “The woman who currently presides over Amnesty International . . . could possibly even become UN secretary general, therefore, she will do everything that Putin says. Amnesty International has become shit . . . all the well-known human rights organisations are just formalities: the UN International League of Human Rights, Freedom House, Amnesty, and the others have all become the same officials with high salaries”

Hah! Dead right. The whole interview is worth reading, she certainly says what she thinks. The Knife has an aversion to all these big organisations: the UN**, Amnesty, Greenpeace and so on, all the way down to the dreaded  MENSA.  Amnesty are particularly nauseating, being obsessed with promoting abortion (eh?) and being a little “picky” over whom they deign to condemn, a point brilliantly exposed by Brendan O’Neill in the recent Troy Davis death sentence debate.

Sadly for the caring liberals amongst us, Dr Bonner’s credentials are impeccable.


** I hadn’t realised, until after blogging this, that the UN are also a bit too keen on abortion, considering what they were actually set up for: “..to maintain international peace and promote cooperation in solving international economic, social and humanitarian problems”. No surprise though.


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