Tumbleweed time

Most comedians aren’t funny. Really, not as in you actually laugh. Mild amusement doesn’t count. Extreme irritation is far more likely anyway.

Probably the least funny are the “observational school” who are nearly all totally crap. They are routinely spiteful and bigoted, except not in the modern use of that term.  They tend to swear a lot because they know, deep in their hearts, that they can’t get a laugh any other way. Their targets are people who don’t believe man made climate change exists, people who drive big cars, white Christians, particularly catholic ones, people who voted for Dave, people who earn a bit of money (themselves excluded) and so on and on and on… they ooze high minded contempt for their inferiors.

Yesterday I heard two primus inter pares  examples of this genre of failures, on Radio 4.  Hosting a programme about one’s teenage diary was Rufus Hound, making up in sycophancy for his bleak absence of  jokes or charm, and somebody called Jo Caulfield. I know, who?

What was striking, apart from the dearth of wit, was the extreme phraseology by which “Jo” was attacking the nuns of her convent school, and ultimately, anyone who would share their beliefs. It was quite something.  The cliche is that had it been islam it would be “fatwa on Jo” time, or if an ethnic group, then a well-deserved prosecution for racial hatred. However on the BBC, nuns, that vicious and twisted societal group, are fair game.

Tempting as the fatwa idea is, one must of course turn the other cheek, a courtesy that “Jo” would no doubt expect her victims to extend to her, given their nunlike obsession with christian values.  Stephen Glover explores similar themes in the Mail today, following the contemptuous manner of Richard Dawkins to all believers in yet another  BBC interview (with Paxman), intended to flog his new  “children’s book”.  Glover quite correctly describes the Great Egotist as a fundamental atheist, with the intolerant zealotry that description implies.

In an attempt to be public spirited, and stop any reader of this blog wasting half an hour of their lives waiting for a laugh, The Knife would like to nominate a top 5 list of  “comedians”  for whom humour doesn’t involve anything that’s actually funny.

1. Jo Caulfield

2. Marcus Brigstocke

3. Rufus Hound

4. Sean Lock

5. Jeremy Hardy

and there are many, many more. Bring back Jerry Sadowitz.

Caulfield and Brigstocke were on stage...


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