Stars of the future(1): Paul Ryan

Ryan and report

This is worth reading. Ryan is, at the moment, a lowly US congressman, although he is now the chairman of the House Budget Committe.  He understands financial and political history, and he appears to have a solid moral core.

Krugman, with cat

This address to the Hamilton Society is actually more about foreign policy, with its intimate connection to economic policy and prosperity. It’s not as dull as that might sound, in fact it’s not dull at all. Ryan is best known as the main force behind the Republican’s alternative budget, with the ringing title of the Path to Prosperity. It’s been controversial, but probably in part because it challenges the dementedly spendthrift Obama administration’s policies in detail. Ryan is good at detail.

Using the reliable Knife assessment tool of  “who does it upset?”, I am happy to report that it has greatly upset the egregious Paul Krugman, an overrated sanctimonious American millionaire version of Gordon Brown, without the cojones to stand for the political office that he tries to influence so much. And anything that upsets Krugman is fine by me.


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