BBC breaking news….

London calling...but it's not worth listening

Driving home today, I turned on the BBC radio news: PM on Radio 4.

It turns out that this man said that this other man HAD seen an email that said that something illegal that happened years ago in a tabloid was actually quite common, but the man – the second one – denied that he had seen it.

Then a former gay vicar said that, like world famous respected actress Sienna Miller, he THOUGHT he’d had his voicemails listened to. Not a pleasant task, I would guess.

Anyway, in other news, according to just about every other source, questions were being asked about why the last two prime ministers of Great Britain had aided and abetted a mass murderer who had apparently threatened them a bit, and is now conceivably going to go on trial and spill the beans on their sordid subterfuge.

I must say that as a licence payer I am heartened that the BBC has its priorities right



** Charles Crawford, one of the good guys, doesn’t entirely agree with The Knife’s Libyan view


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