Tony Blair: it’s not my fault

The first post on this blog was an examination of Tony Blair’s seemingly genuine quest for atonement. The Iraq disaster was a recent memory then. 

A few posts ago The Knife appropriated Charles Moore’s brilliant pithy summary of Blair’s moral vanity.

 And today we have Blair’s inevitable posturing on the riots, Dave’s view of a moral failure in society etc. All of that stuff. Tony doesn’t agree with Dave. 

If his point had been that there is such a thing as moral absolutism, and that individual “rioters” were personally responsible for their actions, rather than trying to blame society, lack of respeck, the police don’t show no respeck etc etc, then I would have agreed with him. It always being someone else’s fault is indeed a hallmark of 21st and late 20th century Britain, naturally.

However, he didn’t. Instead we got a confusing attempt at exonerating the previous government (prop. AL Blair), mingled with the reasonable comment that dysfunctional family life has been a major factor. However, no comment on how government – his, that is – contributed massively to damaging family structures, whether by Harriet Harman’s mad schemes or Brown’s destruction of conventional family economics.

 Tony, you still don’t show the electorate no respeck. Innit.

An oldie but goodie

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