Alex Salmond: may you be stewed and boiled by a high fever, you son of a dog

Excited Libyan rebels last night laid a curse on the hated despot, Alex Salmond, as they closed in on Tripoli.

“We are only 1802 miles from his Edinburgh stronghold” claimed Jamal Barouni, a spokesman for the ragtag army “we have the momentum, we have the guns!”

Salmond is regarded by many in the Middle East and the Maghreb as a key supporter of Gaddafi and a prop to the loathed regime, following his release of Gaddafi sidekick and Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, two years ago, on fictitious health grounds.

Barouni went on: “Everyone knows that prostate cancer is not a death sentence these days, and that treatment is relatively straightforward for most cases. Salmond is only after our oil, because his beloved North Sea is as barren as my grandmother”.

Salmond is thought to be in hiding in an unknown location, although said to be still defiant.

We're coming for you Alex...

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