How to decide the rights and wrongs of the Coulson business.

Hmm….let’s see. This is not about the NOTW saga directly, more about whether it was reasonable for him to be in Daves’s team.

On the one hand, Dave says:

“I decided to give him a second chance and no one has raised serious concerns about how he did his job for me … But the second chance didn’t work out. The decision to hire him was mine and mine alone and I take full responsibility for it.”

“People will decide whether it is right to give someone a second chance or not.”

On the other, we have the walking delusional state called Chris Huhne (3rd or 4th chance), and the tenacious yet strangely pathetic “Paddy” Ashdown (3rd chance) both showing their usual level of self-aggrandisement and utter lack of collective responsibility.

In fact, “Paddy” is only rivalled in his descent into mundane pomposity by Alastair Campbell (89th chance, at least)**.

Motes and beams, lads. I personally would definitely want a second chance. Just like you got.

So, using The Knife’s usual provocation test, find someone with whom you always disagree, and do the opposite. Let me see..Campbell, Ashdown, Huhne….that guy who looks like Gromit…

I look nothing like Gromit


**Update: nice piece on the hypocrisy of Campbell, by his old buddies at the Mirror


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