Gordon Brown’s China Crisis

Yoo hoo..Gordon...over here...talk to me...

As time marches on, and the Brown Terror becomes folklore for our children to learn about on their parents’ laps, the pleasure, nay duty, of slagging off the Fife monster is unabated.

Take the latest news, the head of the Chinese dictatorship, ergo a mass murdering tyrant, has met the fading Gordon on this latest trip to Britain. Why might this be?

James Kirkup in the Telegraph suggests:

“…I think it’s worth pausing for a second and wondering what it says about him that the premier of an emerging superpower will still make time for him. If nothing else, it’s a reminder that the Chinese view of Britain differs significantly from our own.”

Funny that. However if James scans down his comments column, he’ll find that “zx10” provides the obvious explanation. Not only has Gordon been generally sycophantic to the Chinese, he explicitly gave a British seal of approval to their invasion and occupation of Tibet.

I remain amazed as to how little this was commented on at the time, not least because of the Dalai Lama’s cuddly image and general good guy persona amongst even the chatterati.

Since then things in Tibet have not improved. However, it is just one small aspect of the brutal bullying way the Chinese conduct all foreign policy, which even by the standards of modern realpolitik is breathtakingly  self-centred and threatening. Taiwan, African commodities, the trade encirclement of India….it’s a very long list.

Gordon’s balls shrivelled up years ago. Over to you Dave.


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