The Morality of Tony Blair

Hey guys! I mean, well...gotta do something...pretty straight....right thing to do....peace in our time...(ad nauseam).

Sometimes you see the killer fact, the summary phrase, sitting there, unexpected and unadorned. Here it is, by Charles Moore in one of several excellent recent pieces on the costs of the UK “climate change” legislation:

“The problem is made worse by the fact that Britain’s targets are more stretching than those of any other country. In one of his last acts as prime minister, Tony Blair defied his official advice and signed up to them, in order to prove how virtuous he was. The estimated bill for that man’s moral vanity is a capital cost of £100 billion by the end of the decade.”

Aah yes, there it is, Tony Blair’s “moral vanity”.


One of the many reasons why, incredible though it may seem, Tony was an even worse prime minister that the utterly useless and malign Gordon Brown. Quite an achievement.


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