Brown and out

You 'ave a lovely derriere, Monsieur Brown

Larry Elliot, Economics Editor at the Guardian, is always a good read, and he co-wrote the superb Fantasy Island, which neatly predicted much of the financial  crisis, as it affected Britain (not all about US subprime blah blah..).

So it’s a bit perplexing when he churns out a hack piece slagging Dave’n’George for not supporting Gordon for the now vacant IMF job.

Seriously, what did he expect?

The Knife’s view is that Gordon Brown is a self-centred deluded incompetent who is not the “honest broker” that his few remaining fans like to claim. His legacy is appalling. However, don’t take my word for it.

At the time of writing this, out of 57 comments on Elliot’s piece,  a pathetic 11 support Brown, 12 are neutral in that uniquely “what’s he on about” Guardian way, and 34 are completely anti-Gordon. Most of those 34 are well written pithy summaries of what Simon Heffer amusingly calls the Brown terror.

These are Guardian readers note, not tribal Tories.

Give up Gordon


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