The Coalition is on the turn…

At what point does it become unsustainable to blame your predecessor for ongoing problems?

Barack Obama tried to blame George Bush for everything for more than a year. Dave ‘n’ George have if anything been less vociferous than their Lib Dem chums in – rightly – blaming the catastrophic Brown government for the economy.

However, The Knife reckons that this tactic is on its last legs, which may account for the relative reticence on this from the Tories.

Peter Mackay – not normally lauded as an economist – takes them to task today on the “no Plan B” tripe. His points aren’t particularly damning, but the mood has changed.  Blaming Brown will have less effect from now on, however true it is. Not that The Knife thinks the economic plan is failing, but the European growth figures provide handy weapons for attacking the British Government, this week at least.

Blinky Balls will know this too.

Unbelievable Gordon...they're taking your shit


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