European dirtbag plutocrats – an appreciation

D S-K, "rutting chimpanzee"?

A while ago The Knife did a piece pointing out the resemblance between trade union leaders and the kind of exaggerated ugly snarling caricatures that Hieronymus Bosch liked to paint.

The downfall of the ubersleazy Dominique Strauss-Kahn (AKA “whiny IMF head”– you

...ah, Mr Bond..

have to love the New York Post) has highlighted the existence of another facial societal group – the European dirtbag plutocrat. The classic features are strong lines, a firm set jaw, a generally cocky demeanour of “don’t mess with me” and the ability to look like a Bond villain, such as Adolfo Celi as Emilio Largo  in Thunderball.

Herr Schroeder

DSK is a classic of the genre, others being the unlamented Gerhard Schroeder, honorary European power-crazed Joao Havelange previously of FIFA, and the grandmaster of the type, the impossibly untrustworthy “cute hoor”  Charlie Haughey of Ireland.

Try as they might, neither Blair nor Brown comes close. The nearest British example would probably  be Robert Kilroy-Silk.  Shameful really, but some things are best left to foreigners.

The Cute Hoor
Would you like to buy the World Cup?
Feck you, Knife!

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