The Pantsdown Paradox

Cabinet Tea Boy OK, Paddy? Great, I'll be there, thank you so much...

When Jeremy “Paddy” Ashdown was bleating about Dave not playing with him – his thesis being Dave had said he wouldn’t fight for the No 2 AV campaign – the following thoughts arose:

1. Is Pantsdown attributing to  Dave miraculous powers? That is, if Dave hadn’t said a few words, would the 70% no vote have been turned around?

2. Does Pantsdown seriously think a politician – even a Lib Dem – would be right to not campaign for what he/she believes in? After all, the referendum was entirely separate from the straitjacket of collective cabinet responsibility.

3. Is the bitter and twisted failed leader (Paddy that is) so lacking in confidence in the merits of the Yes argument, that a special deal was necessary?

4. Isn’t a 70/30 split so massive that even a solipsistic numbskull like “Paddy” can see that the public have indeed spoken on this one (compare with Cleggy’s reaction), and that such post hoc whining (see also Huhne) is just demeaning?

In a way, blogging about the egregious Pantsdown only encourages him. A man of such evident vanity and self-absorption probably googles himself at least twice a day. However, such is the exquisite nature of his (and colleagues) reactions to a comprehensive kicking by the foolish and deeply naive electorate that a little more publicity for his vapid rants seems entirely appropriate.

All it needs now is for “Lord” David Steel to pitch in, and the self-destruct mission will be complete.


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