Why I love the Liberal Democrats

The last couple of days have greatly enhanced the gaiety of the nation.

Oooh.....I'm so angry!

Following a genuine national bonding exercise in the royal wedding comes a fabulous display of petty grievances by the dancing queens of the Lib Dems.  Lord “Paddy” Ashdown’s combination of adolescent girl hissy fit and flinty staring-into-the-distance machismo resulted in him blaming Dave for the Yes to AV’s laughably poor performance and result. It’s always someone else’s fault for “Paddy”, always being let down by Blair and now Dave. At least Blair seduced him for a while. As Dave didn’t actually promise anything, one suspects “Paddy’s” pique is more related to what will hopefully be the last time he tries – and fails – to grab the limelight. It’s a sign of how nice everyone was being a year ago that this pompous failure was even in the frame for the MoD. It would have been the first time in years that he’d actually had to do a proper job.

Strangely, ageing trouper Vince Cable has been relatively muted. At his age you do have to take things easy. However, he managed to avoid all pot/kettle/black warning signs this morning to claim that Dave et al were “ruthless, calculating and very tribal“.


However, the prize goes to floppy haired soppy multi-millionaire self righteous hypocritical lesbian lovin’ windbag Chris Huhne, who is so pathetic these days he makes Ed “****wit” Miliband look like Bismarck. A man with such epically poor judgement and a cosmic level of self-centredness that he could never in a trillion years get the British people warm to him.

The obvious solution to all this is for Cleggy to hop up to the Lords, Huhne to take over, dissolve the Coalition and let Dave call an election. Then after the inevitable massacre of this bunch of self-hating strife merchants, stick Pantsdown back on Question Time to once again hilariously blame everyone but his own rotten party.

The Lib Dems – a gift that keeps on giving.


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