A wimpy sort of Armageddon

The army of environmental catastrophists will be shattered.  To quote myself from June of last year:

“BP may be getting slated at the moment, partly as a scapegoat for “heartbroken” Barack Obama, but….

 no-one else has ever dealt with anything like this, and I reckon that they will succeed in capping the leak soon, getting huge kudos for solving such a problem, in the long run


I predict that there will be no horrendous environmental catastrophe, oil-soaked beaches etc, at least not in any major way. The slick will be dispersed”

Just to back it up, here is a very balanced take on all this from the Independent recently. Obama should be reminded of his hysterical lashing out on this topic, done solely because at the time it was politically expedient for him. Now he just looks foolish.

Quite correctly the Indy aricle briefly mentions, that like Fukushima,  the tragedy here is not environmental, it is human,  primarily the deaths of the oilworkers involved.

As usual, the mad climatechangeglobalwarmingenvironmentaldisaster lobby can’t get too worked up about actual deaths. Nevertheless, an apology would be nice.

So steady as you goGaia is just fine.

Hang on lads...false alarm!

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