The Veena Malik Fan Club

Take him down, Veena!

She’s driving the “non-left” bloggers mad with delight, and no wonder.

Veena Malik is just brilliant. Unbimboid, intelligent, combative and with a take no prisoners ballsiness (bad word, I know).

Various blogs are drooling, not because Veena is great looking, which she is, but because of what she says, how she says it, and to whom.

The fabulous Veena destroys Mufti Sahab (who?), a creepy misogynist who looks like a very shabby version of Eddie Murphy’s Dad in Coming to America, and an equally annoying “hip” young Pakistani male presenter.

It really is fantastic, and adds weight to The Knife’s argument (here and here) that the rotten aspects of islam are being exposed by brave, articulate, feminine women.




I look nothing like him!!


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