Nearing the point of no return


Sometimes it’s impossible to say everything that you think needs to be said to make a complex argument. In blogging that usually means you link to handy references. It’s lazy, and in some ways just a bit of recycling. However, if it helps to bring  important things to a wider audience, then it’s worth it.

So in that spirit, The Knife highly recommends two articles in Standpoint. One is essentially an interview with two female intellects, Necla Kelek who is Turkish by birth and a feminist social scientist, and Karen Horn, an economist. Their debate on the problems of Islam in Germany covers nearly all the relevant arguments superbly. It’s companion piece by the reliably smart Douglas Murray, explains – in the context of the ludicrous plans for a mosque near to the 9/11 site – why the problem is Islam, full stop, the answer NOT being to seek an official moderate version of the faith, which will never exist.

As with Oriana Fallaci, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Mariska Orban de Haas – and many others – the most trenchant and powerful arguments against islamicisation are being made by women.



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