In the midst of chaos…

…..Libyan intensive care is holding up.

Despite an emerging civil war, hundreds of casualties, and a very bleak prognosis – according to “experts” – the Tripoli Terrorist (retd) is still alive!!

This, three months after “slipping into a coma“.

Fat Eck Salmond should get him back for the May election,  there must be a few votes in displaying the living proof of:

the beliefs and values that the people of Scotland, I believe, seek to live by, which is that justice has to be served, that mercy must be capable of being shown”

To quote international statesman, Kenny “eh’m no stoopit” Macaskil, 8 months ago:

“If you’re at home and you’re being treated, then you may live longer. But what is undeniable is that he is terminally ill with prostate cancer, he has been released to Libya and he’s going to die very soon.”

How soon is that, Kenny?

Megrahi had nipped out for a fag..


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