Bearded evildoing power-crazed egomaniacs of the world unite!

In a week when a bearded despotic murderer who has striven in recent times for societal and political respectability by befriending Tony Blair……wait for it………..wait for it…….stands for election in Ireland, there’s also  Gaddafi.

Boom boom!

Hi, I'm Tony. Please don't shoot me.

Yup, the one and only Gerry Adams, arch-hypocrite and unrepentant orchestrator of death, misery and criminal gangs is desperately attempting to cash in on the disarray that is Ireland, by standing for the Dail in the seat of Louth, in two days time. It’s hard to think of a situation for which the answer is more of Gerry Adams.

The Knife is  ancestrally Catholic Irish in part, but Adams and his fellow  “retired” killer and education specialist McGuiness are way more repulsive and downright bad than the average thick Unionist thug.

This letter says it all….

Read it and to magnify


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