Talking Balls with PWUGO


Excitable observers are claiming that the inevitable demise of Alan Johnson, leading to the uncanny elevation of Ed “Blinky”  Balls will have George Osborne quaking in his boots.

To put it mildly, this is a highly unlikely prospect.

Just as the witty Iain Martin founded DUEMA (the Don’t Underestimate Ed Miliband Association, which I have yet to join), The Knife feels that there should be a similar group, possibly with the same membership called PWUGO (People Who Underestimate George Osborne, natch).

Since the election Osborne has been an extremely adroit operator, both economically and politically. In addition, he doesn’t lack…er…Balls. While there’s no doubt that Blinky will be very noisy, his natural loathesomeness, coupled with an impressive array of fingerprints over the UK’s recent economic disaster will not be difficult to exploit**

Blinky is a brilliant economist in the same way that an old colleague, Charlie, was a brilliant surgeon. He passed all his exams, he had a wonderful breadth of knowledge, he talked the talk, but his patients died.

It will be many years before Britain will have forgotten enough of the Terror to let a herd of Brown proteges run the show.

Pwugo? Was he at Balliol?

** See Guido’s witty commenter 13eastie for Blinky’s memorable CV


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