Explosive news

Slightly under the radar, but two items of muslim terrorist news, albeit  one is a sort of  political terrorist, and the other is the bog standard kind.

Hi, meet the family!

Kicking off, contrary to recent reports, Abdelbaset Ali el-Megrahi is….er….still alive!

The Knife actually doesn’t wish the man ill, but the long long list of liars, stupid apologists, egomaniacs and hypocrites who wangled his release should hang their heads in shame for a bit longer.

It would be excessively cynical  to suggest that the exact timing of his death may depend on the  political climate viz Libya and the rest of the world.


Secondly, remember the justified furore over Obama and his Attorney General, Eric Holder’s plans to try Twin Towers uberbomber, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in a civilian court in Manhattan? Well they’ve been fairly quietly shelved on a technicality.

The Knife takes the view that Guantanamo is effective, and is really just the Americans’ version of Colditz – they’re prisoners of war, not petty criminals. There might be innocent men there, but I doubt it. The stakes are a bit too high to fret about it, in the real world. At least one quarter of released inmates are involved in terrorism; other countries (understandably) don’t want these people in; when they do get out it causes huge problems and expense.

When one prisoner, Ahmed Ghailani, was tried in a civilian court, it proved almost impossible to deal with the case effectively. That case no doubt influenced the recent Democrat-backed budget legislation, which subtly included a clause which effectively banned the spending that would be required to bring the prisoners into the USA for detention and trial. Nice one!


Eric Holder claims to be upset, but I doubt it. Will Obama exercise his presidential veto? I doubt that too, he’s not that stupid.

The Knife is not a fan of waterboarding etc, nor do I support capital punishment (under any circumstances), but I certainly wouldn’t wish to bring the fun of a show trial to the increasingly hairy KSM, and his mates.

Military tribunals and Supermax for life would do it.

Think of it as a home from home

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