The 32: parts 8 and 9

No 19 in Gminor Op 49/1 and no 20 in G major op 49/2


These two really come as a pair. They sound (relatively) easy, and to some extent they are. They are probably fairly early compositions, despite the opus numbers, they are certainly different to other middle period works such as the mighty Waldstein, which is the next in the series.

Both are light and clean in texture, with the kind of subtle emotional phrases that regularly elevate Beethoven above Mozart and Haydn. The two lectures by Andras Schiff supplied by the Guardian (here and here) are excellent.

The Knife’s recommendation is the Friedrich Gulda version from 1967, rereleased by Brilliant Classics in one of the best value box sets ever released, but seems now to be deleted. Try eBay.  Gulda recorded the whole cycle at least three times. This particular set is superbly recorded and performed.

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