The Megrahi Miracle

Great news for warm-hearted people of a charitable, indeed noble, disposition!

I mean Alex “what about Ronnie Biggs” Salmond, Kenny “dead in 3 months” MacAskill,  Jack Straw, Tony Blair, the failed Miliband, Mandy, the pathetic Prof Karol Sikora, a few wretched hacks like the noted sycophant Alex Massie and…er…anyone else?

The world’s favourite diseased mass murderer is still with us! Yup, the likeable Libyan, Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi  has  not yet  succumbed to his disease. Fourteen months and counting.

Extraordinary. I mean, who could have expected this? Let me see….

Stirling Moss (diagnosed  2000)

Harry Belafonte (1996)

Robert de Niro (2003)

Roger Moore (1993)

Rudolph Giuliani (2000)

Arnold Palmer (1997)

Nelson Mandela (2001)

Bob Dole (1991)

John Kerry (2002)

Colin Powell (2003)

Norman Schwarzkopf (1993)

Desmond Tutu  (1996)

I could go on, but I won’t. They all have another thing in common, right now they’re all still alive.

It is true that there have been many sad early deaths from the disease, but it’s always treatable to a degree, even if not curable. The Knife is not a urologist, but I still see quite a few men with the disease, remaining active despite its spread, Which brings us back to poor old Megrahi.

"I decided not to blow this one up..."

I can’t blame him for taking his release and then not dying – good luck to him.  However, as The Knife has repeatedly pointed out (see tag “terrorists”), this nakedly political decision has brought great shame on Britain, and the SNP – as the willing, publicity-crazed dupes of Labour – in particular.

Just thought I’d point it out. Again.


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