“Of the dead, nothing unless good”




de mortuis nil nisi bonum..

generally speaking, a good principle, but this week The Knife takes exception to two deceased subjects of general adulation.

First up, anniversary boy John Lennon, who if he hadn’t been shot would today be a derided senior version of Bono. His best moments were the Christmas single and  unusually, for him, the funny comment that Ringo wasn’t the best drummer in the world, in fact he wasn’t even the best drummer in The Beatles. Worst moment? Too close to call, but probably the all-time miserabilist dirge known as Imagine. Just.

Secondly, recently deceased “agony aunt” Claire Rayner. The obituaries failed to emphasise her main role as an abortion-crazed militant atheist and chum (unlikely) of “Ricky” Dawkins. However her self-congratulatory quote:

“Tell David Cameron that if he screws up my beloved NHS I’ll come back and bloody haunt him.”

…says it all really. Those of us at the coalface of said institution have no need of solipsistic mythologising like this. Claire’s finest hour? Undoubtedly providing Bobby Davro with his only funny impersonation.

Take it away Bobby.….!

(7min 40 sec in..)


She'd always been keen on abortion...




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