Fair to middling

As an unashamed member of the middle classes, The Knife can empathise with the howls about George’s child benefit axe – to a degree.It’s toughish if you’re hovering at the threshold, but I applaud the desire to avoid creating yet more bureaucracy (means testing), and have some sympathy for James Kirkup,   Melissa Kite and Andrew Brown, in their blogs. Of course, an NHS surgeon does alright financially, but I have often commented that the child benefit shouuldn’t really be given to the likes of me – honestly, I have.

It’s being sold  as an electoral disaster for the coalition, but is it really?

Stephen Glover in the Mail, struggles a bit to raise his indignation levels, but makes some fair points. However tucked away on that page is the instant survey of Mail readers:

It looks to The Knife that Dave’n’George have thought this one through a bit more than the BBC etc have realised.
For Nick Robinson it may be that “It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury; signifying nothing.”




Ps: see what I mean?



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