Idiot of the week


I suppose one shouldn’t get annoyed at dopey  comments, but…

Years ago, when The Knife was in training, a head on crash I dealt with killed a family of four, and two occupants of the other car. One of these was alive when he was brought in. The driver – his pal, a fellow well to do student – had been drinking wine and smoking dope.

The driver survived with few injuries. The friend who died  survived a few hours, terrified, bleeding internally, and dying on the way to theatre. His girlfriend lived, but was severely injured.

Anyway, The Knife was shown, a few days later, a note from the driver, that he’d had passed on to her:

“poor J*****, but what a great way to go, a bottle of wine and you on his knee…”

She was struggling to agree with his sentiments*

Which brings us to the story of Kylie Tanti. She was a base jumper who fell 541 feet to her death when her parachute failed, in Malaysia.

As her anonymous  chum told the papers:

Not enough people die chasing a dream.

‘Although it’s a really harsh thing to say not many people follow their dreams enough and she personally inspired many people to do that.’

This idiot just failed to add that “it’s what she would have wanted“. Just.

(* The driver avoided getting blood samples at the time, pleaded not guilty, and walked free when the case came to court two years later)

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