One phobia that isn’t

Robert Fisk is opinionated and heartfelt in his writing. His recent pieces on “honour killing” (and rape) in the Middle East, of which this is the most representative article, are essential reading. The catalogue of evidence he presents is overwhelming, and utterly barbaric. It also shows how hypocrisy is  deeply entrenched in the societies concerned.

Yes, it really does happen.

Fisk makes a half-hearted attempt to claim that Christians are involved too, with virtually nothing to support this. On the other hand there are endless examples of brutality and cruelty to women in Islamic societies, with a sprinkling of  Hindus as well. The descriptions are breathtaking in their casual relaying of the facts of ferocious communal violence against individual women and girls.

The Knife knows, and likes, many muslims. He also knows muslims who don’t have a problem with the behaviours described by Fisk.

It does raise the question: is this violence a reflection of the culture and society, or of the religious milieu? The answer may well be both, but the next time a western European is accused of  “islamophobia” by one of the many smug NIMBY commentators and politicians, Fisk’s articles, however unwittingly, are the perfect riposte.


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