Guido Fawkes can defend himself, but when an arrogant prat like Sunder Katwala starts up, it may be helpful to clarify things for him (Sunder, that is).

The Boy Sunder

On Guido’s blog he has clearly been implying (here, here and here) that William Hague may be homosexual, and has employed as an advisor, a young man whose credentials as a foreign policy expert are not, as yet, clear.

Katwala states:

“The Guido Fawkes blog has just come top of Total Politics’ libertarian blogs category. The enthusiasm with which it would seek to “out” a Minister perhaps sits oddly with that. (Whether it does so erroneously in this case, while important, is not the central point there).

Staines has also again proved willing to host long threads spattered with homophobic comments – some very vile – on his blog. No doubt he would offer a free speech defence of that.

It might reasonably be questioned whether that fully addresses the enthusiasm with which they are encouraged and in effect celebrated – such as with special caption competitions in effect offering a green light to further rounds of homophobic comments. (I’m not calling for Staines to be banned from doing this: we are simply publicly criticising him for being willing to so actively encourage homophobic attitudes, when these are thankfully much more marginal than they were a decade ago).”

He (SK) is obsessed by the homosexual angle. Guido’s very proper point, couched in droll terms, is that the advisor is on the public payroll, and there should be complete openness about his remit and qualifications for the role. Especially after the events of the past 12 months.

I quote:

“Myers has a second class History degree from Durham University, the Foreign Office press release announcing his appointment describes him as “a lawyer”. If you imagine this might somehow qualify him to assist with treaty negotiations or in matters of international law sadly this is not so. He is not a qualified solicitor nor does he have any experience having only just completed a law course.

Considering that the prestige of the Foreign Office attracts the cream of Britain’s graduates his appointment does seem a strange choice given that Hague could have chosen a foreign policy specialist from CCHQ or the staff of a think-tank. To instead hire an inexperienced, poorly qualified young man over and above more qualified candidates does raise the question: what special talent, unseen by the rest of us, does Mr Myers possess?”

Is that too difficult for you Sunder?


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