Re Alan Milburn, former Health Minister, and now Special Friend of Dave.

...even I think he's a ****...

The Knife’s view has been the  traditional one, that  Milburn is a ****.  Not only that, but he is the classic New Labour ****, who had done virtually nothing in life outside lefty politics. This obviously made him the ideal person to join Tony and the gang in ordering the rest of us about, usually in areas where one had no reason to think that he had any expertise.

An acquaintance of The Knife was high up in the DoH.  He left because of Milburn. Firstly,  because he ended up effectively getting civil servants to act “inappropriately” regarding NHS stats, data, press releases etc, and secondly because of his behaviour to staff.

On one particular “meet the nurses” hospital visit Milburn was shaking hands, grinning, nodding etc when a lowly staff member questioned him in some detail about policy and why they felt that Labour had it wrong, for their hospital. Milburn clearly wasn’t happy with this. As he walked away he snapped to his clipboard-carrying SpAd, “insubordination! Get her name..”. I understand this was not unusual behaviour.

So, unless Dave can demonstrate  hitherto hidden personal and practical qualities in the debonair Geordie resignee,  my diagnosis is unchanged.

He’s still a ****.
!!!!Stop press!!!

From the Guardian letters page Friday 20th August:

Thirty years ago this month, I sat in Days of Hope bookshop in Newcastle, being lectured by super-Trot Alan Milburn on deviations from correct Socialist thought. Now he’s a Tory adviser. He was a pillock then, he’s a pillock now. A Tory pillock.

Chris Lilly

Hmm….. a **** and a pillock.


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