I don’t want to bore, but…

…more news from the Gulf of Mexico. From the Guardian, who must be feeling a little confused about all this. Firstly, old fogey Alexander Chancellor, on the environmental stuff:

“The news from the Gulf of Mexico gets better and better. Not only has most of the oil vanished, but it is even being claimed that the Deepwater Horizon explosion may, in fact, have caused the fish population to rise. According to experts in marine biology, the oil has killed fewer fish than the fishermen would have done if they had been allowed to work. There is no evidence of oil contamination in fish samples, and it is predicted that fish will now be bigger than before because they have been allowed to develop unmolested. So much for the greatest environmental disaster ever.”

Nope…can’t see any oil…

And in the editorial, Barack criticised!!!!

“In the battle between BP and the most powerful government in the world, who was being dwarfed by whom? A multinational, a creature par excellence of neoliberal globalisation, was not too big to fail, but too big to control when it did. When the Kursk went down, Vladimir Putin found he did not have a deep-sea diving team capable of rescuing his submariners. They had all gone to Gazprom. The disaster was too big for a weakened state to handle. Mr Obama found himself in a similar position with BP. For all the posturing by the head of the government’s response team, retired coastguard admiral Thad Allen, and his claims to have seized ownership of the operation to cap the well, it was always a BP operation. No one else had the technology, or the knowhow, to do it. This should make Mr Obama more cautious before he presses the restart button on offshore drilling. But somehow one feels that it won’t.”

Although naturally, they come to the refreshingly wrong conclusion (last two sentences).

The Knife doesn’t wish to claim mysterious powers of prophecy, but 8 weeks ago……


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