Education education education

er... I didn't mean it, honest

Private Eye’s take on online stupidity “From the Messageboards” is scarily realistic. However, a lot of the fun is in the comments – you only have to read Guido’s fanclub to get a taste.

The Knife was enjoying Mehdi Hasan’s piece on last night’s Uruguay v Ghana classic, on the philosophical conundrum  “Is Suarez a hero or villain?“.  Commenter no 3, known as ‘Nana’ seemed upset, signing off with:

“….that is bullshit to ya all for thinking that dickhead of Suarez will ever be HERO, maybe in his stupid country but not to all the heartbroken Ghanaians and the whole of Africa as a whole, he cheated and do you know someone will loose his or her dear life bcos of what that twat did.

he is a professional footballer and should always know that what goes round comes round.

Better luck next time Ghana.

Shame on you Suarez and your so called Uruguay.”

It may not make you laugh but I loved the ‘so called’


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