Vote Labour and die!

You would indeed have a heart of stone not to laugh. The British Medical Association are a very effective trade union. Ask any health minister. However, the house journal, the BMJ has long been a bizarre mix of news, science and copious quantities of right-on drivel.

Global warming, banning boxing, bullying smokers, compulsory abortion (er…not quite, but you get the picture). The list goes on. This week provides a heart warming gem:

“Health Inequalities

Would action on health inequalities have saved New Labour?

Gerry McCartney, specialist registrar in public health, MRC Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, Glasgow, Chik Collins, senior lecturer, School of Social Sciences, University of the West of Scotland, Paisley, Danny Dorling, professor of human geography, Sheffield”

This satisfyingly conforms to The Knife’s theory that the majority of authors, despite the ‘M’  standing for medicine, are not actually medical doctors. In addition, a specialist registrar in public health may well have a diminishing grasp of what treating sick people actually involves.

Gerry, worrying about climate change

“Gerry’s” thesis is that Labour inclined areas have a lower average life expectancy, so that if they hadn’t dropped dead on the way to the polling booth, or been too ill to exercise their franchise, the outcome of the election might have been different. He helpfully provides this brilliant example:

And the legacy of New Labour was such that the Tories had many more of their older voters still around to mobilise. For example, the Salford constituency of the New Labour minister Hazel Blears already had 1000 excess premature deaths between her election in 1997 and 2005. Some of these people, who died young, would still have been around to vote in May had Labour reduced health inequalities.
Mind you, without proportional representation, I can’t see how it would have actually made a difference, which makes you wonder about the BMJ’s editorial policy. Actually, no it doesn’t, that is their policy – wicked Tories, Thatcher blah blah blah.
However it does provide confirmation that Labour are seriously bad for your health, although it seems unlikely that Hazel Blears was actually bumping off her sickly constituents.
Just for the record

Competing interests: GM is a member of the Scottish Socialist party. DD is a member of the World Health Organization’s Scientific Resource Group on Health Equity Analysis and Research and of the advisory group of the Equality Trust (

Which is nice..


2 thoughts on “Vote Labour and die!

  1. You should take a look at the money that Labour threw at the SCR simply because they forgot to include it in the original GP contract.

    Then the BMA’s stance on those people who wish to set up private companies to treat patients that the NHS has no ability to fulfil

    Or what about the Labour government failing to mention that separate health authorities were not told to use the same domestic software. Consequently it is near impossible for doctors from different areas to converse about a patient. Something about extended choice?

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