Megrahi still alive, Salmond stunned

Not only is the Luxuriating Libyan still alive, he’s still unhappy at us knowing a bit more about him:

Jun 20 2010 Mark Aitken, Sunday Mail

Ein volk, ein reich, ein Salmond!

A LAST ditch bid to have the Lockerbie bomber’s medical condition made public has been rejected.

Labour MSP George Foulkes appealed to the information commissioner after being told Abdebaset al-Megrahi ‘s welfare would remain a secret from the public.

Now the decision to withhold the information has been upheld by Kevin Dunion.

Foulkes said: “I am very disappointed that the freedom of information laws within Scotland don’t allow the public access to this information.

“It is clear that Megrahi, through his lawyer, has vetoed it.

“This is matter of not just national interest but also international interest.

“There are relatives of Americans who died who are concerned about it.”

Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was released from prison 10 months ago on compassionate grounds after being given only three months to live…

I’m not wanting him to die, in fact the longer he lives, the more likely we are to find out about the sleaziest wheelings and dealings in Scotland, outside of the Labour group on Glasgow City Council.

I doubt that Fat Eck Salmond feels the same way though.

One thought on “Megrahi still alive, Salmond stunned

  1. It might make some sense to demand Mr Megrahi’s medical records if he were actually guilty of blowing up Pan Am 103. The problem is he provably didn’t do it. The destruction was carried out jointly on the orders of the Iranian and US governments, by the Pasdaran and the CIA.

    The US in secret negotiations bid down Iranian demands for between 5 and 12 aircraft in reply to the US downing of IR-655 to just one. For the 259 who happened to be aboard Pan Am 103, it was just unlucky for them that the conspirators (whose names I know or can guess,) just happened chose their aircraft.

    There were also two explosions on the aircraft, without any doubt.

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