The Concubine: part 2

I got this in Brazil..

David Hughes of the Telegraph enlarges on Mandelson’s contribution to Britain, previously raised in this blog:

“After years as a Labour spin doctor (probably the most slippery I have ever encountered) what exactly did his career in front line politics amount to? Well, he joined the Cabinet in July 1998 as Secretary of State for Trade and Industry and resigned in disgrace five months later when details of his £373,000 loan from  Geoffrey Robinson became public. Fast forward to October 1999, when he was restored to the Cabinet as Northern Ireland Secretary. This was far more successful. He lasted a full 15 months before he resigned in disgrace once again, this time over allegations that he fast-tracked passport allegations (a charge he denied) for the billionaire Hinduja brothers. And that’ s just about it. For just 20 months of Tony Blair’s decade-long premiership, he sat in the Cabinet. So hardly a pivotal figure..”

That’s the point, Mandy is a slippery, intelligent hanger-on, who doesn’t actually achieve anything substantial. Odd, considering the prominence that he and a few media toadies have awarded him.  If your world doesn’t stray beyond the parliamentary Labour Party I suppose he might seem rather important.

He may have some unreliable memoirs about to appear, but history will not be kind to him.


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