The Concubine: part 1

Mandy still needed a bodyguard

The Knife is following Peter Mandelson’s post-rejection career with interest. It is my opinion that the ignoble Lord was no great shakes as a practical politician – he achieved almost nothing beyond corrupting the political process and his narrow partisan interests within Labour. The fallout and collateral damage has been immense, however. His obvious attempts to reposition himself as elder statesman, business leader, national treasure and so on will no doubt continue.

Either through fear, lack of hard evidence or a desire not to rock the governmental boat, lots of people who know things about him have kept quiet, so far. A “frank” profile of him – which would have been basically pretty adulatory, has been mysteriously banned by Mandy himself at the last minute. Alastair, Mandy and Tony are all going to claim their “memoirs” will be giving us the unvarnished truth. Apart from insulting bit part players like Blinky, I doubt it.

So what did Max Hastings mean, when in a long overdue diatribe he described Mandy as “a bad, bad man”?

I think we should be told.


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