It's our new logo....Peter? Alastair? Where are you going?

Robin Cook will be laughing. Blinky and Millipede minor both claiming that Iraq was all a big mistake.

How brave and statesmanlike….not.

Many other Blairoid policies  are ready to be modified or jettisoned for expediency. A good thing too, perhaps, but these dismal characters have their inky prints all over most of them. The pygmy parade of potential People’s Party potentates is priceless (ahem).

None of the candidates have any element of thrilling novelty, or a compelling case to make.  The sainted Jon Cruddas would have, but he has mysteriously opted out. Strange that. If anything, the first four flops out of the traps seem bizarrely obsessed by immigration, rather late in the day. As moptop leftie Guardianista John Harris puts it:

“This takes us to what might prove the biggest problem of all: that four ex-wonks with limited life experience may not be the best people to divine what exactly it is that the fabled white working class is after.”

Blinky at least has Balls, as does apparently non-standing Harriet Harman, but even Blinky’s wife seems in two minds about him.

The way it seems to The Knife is that`all of the candidates have no hope of winning the next election. True, if a week is a long time in politics, 1 year or 5 years is an eternity. However Dave will have a few sweeteners lined up whatever the economic pain to come, not least an Afghan withdrawal one suspects.

When the Tories were in the wilderness under the Blair dictatorship, they at least argued about real things – Europe, immigration etc etc. In addition, through those long years and the subsequent Brown Terror, there remained a compelling folk memory of Maggie-era magnificence and bounty, a Tory  volk errinern.

The Labour equivalent is….er……….Iraq…………..banning fox hunting……Tony and Cherie………….Gordon.

Oh dear.


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